Tap Dancer RONxII – Profile

RonxII is one of lead tap dancer acting in front line of both Japan and overseas countries.

In recent work, he has been awarded with choreography, invited as a guest dancer for dance contests in the U.S., and he’s getting high recognition as a multi-entertainer.

He has formed and been working in performance and musical units in Japan and also started to act as a member of “151RED” since 2015 in overseas.

RonxII has good reputations as an actor as he’s joining drama every year with Isao Hashizume who preside theatrical unit “En”.

He has been working as director of “TAP & DANCE TOKYO COLLECTION” held once in two years to encourage popularizing tap dance in Japan.

He also takes role as a model for So Danca tap shoes of Japan.

“Zatoichi” Takeshi Kitano
“Takeshis'” Takeshi Kitano

Japan Cell NTT DoCoMo

Mar, 2004
Broadway Musical “Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk” Openig Act at Akasaka ACT Theater

Nov, 2005
Tap festival “Chicago Human Rhythm Project 2005” at Harris Theater which was held in U.S.Chicago as a representative of Asia.

Jun, 2006
An Original Tune “Oriental Forest” by SCORE Rayin’ won a Monthly Champion in FM-Yokohama “Yokohama Music Award”

Sep, 2008
Rhythm Tap 10th anniversary solo LIVE  “STB139”

Feb, 2009
“Sound Check” at Judson Memorial Church NY

Apr, May, 2009
Akasaka Act Theater 1st anniversary show “MISSING BOYs ~Bokuga Bokude Arutameni~”

Jul, 2009
The New York City Tap Festival at Symphony Space NY

Aug, 2009
Collaboration Show with Tap Dancers and Comedians (TAKESHI’s group)

Sep, 2009
“Show Time! ~The JAPAN NEW YORK Alliance~ 「TERAKOYA」 at St.Marks Church In-The-Bowery (Choreograph, Dancer)

Oct, 2009
Tap Unit “REVO TRAP” at Bunkyou-ku Shibbiku Hall

May, 2010
Tap Live “REVO TRAP Live” at Hyogo Performing Arts Center

Sep, 9-16 2010
Play “F.+2” at Akasaka Red Theater

Oct, 2010
Oriental Music Unit Live “HALE to KE Live” at Minami-Aoyama Mandala

Nov, 2011
“Wataru Inamoto sound theater” at Hyogo Performing Arts Center(Guest dancer)

Sep, 2012~
Live “plays Duke Ellington” Orquesta Libre + Suga Dairo + RON×II

Oct, 2012
“Wataru Inamoto sound theaterII” with Hideki Togi at Hyogo Performing Arts Center(Guest dancer)

May, 2013
Play “Isao Hashizume choppiri Kowai hanashi” at Hyogo Performing Arts Center(Guest dancer)

Jul, 2013
Play “Kuchu cabaret”Directed by Kazumi Kusida at Matsimoto Performing Arts Centre

Nov, 2013
Show “Nao Ishikawa&RONxII&Ichimujin”produced by KYODO TOKYO at theater 1010

Mar, 2014
Tap Live “REVO TRAP Live” at Hyogo Performing Arts Center

Jun-Jly, 2014
Live “plays Duke Ellington Europe tour” Orquesta Libre + Suga Dairo + RON×II
Switzerland, Deutschland, Slovenia, Austria, Denmark

Feb, 2015
151RED @Symphony Space
(Leonard Nimay Thalia)
from New York

HALE to KE Tour 2015
Nagasaki Glover Garden
Hiroshima live Juke
Tokyo Mandara

Aug, 2015
151RED Vancouver TAP Festival Guest

Oct, 2015 2016
Orquesta Libre
Jazz Promenade Yokohama


Dec, 2015
REVO TRAP sound theater 5
Hyougo a National Art Theater

Dec, 2015
Orquesta Libre
PIT INN 50th Anniversary
Tokyo Shinjuku JAZZ Festival

Tchaikovsky/Ichiro Kojima
Aomori Art Museum Areco Theater

TAP Entertainment Show「THE BREAKMAN SHOW」
Kichijouji Theater
Direction RONxII

Orchard Hall

Aug, 2007,2009,2012
Taiwan Tap Festival “Tap Together” (Guest Dancer, Teacher)

Apr, 2009~2016
Play “Isao Hashizume Nanohana butai”

Feb, 2008,2010,2012,2014,2016
RONxII & ton Produce Dance Event “Tap&Dance Tokyo Collection” Fuchu no Mori Theater

Collaborated Artists
COBA, Hideki Togi, Naoki Ishikawa, Les Freres,Risa Kataoka,Yoko Tamura.


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